My husband and I have been married for 14 years. We both work fulltime in IT. Our 4 kids, as of today (June 2014), are Li (4 yrs), Hayden (8 yrs), Jared (12 yrs), and Michela (13 yrs). All our kids had been in a private, Catholic school since Kindergarten except for Li, who started in Pre-K last year. They all attended a daycare before attending the private school.

Unhappy with how their private school handled Li’s situation early this year, we decided they would not continue their education at that school. It didn’t really matter for Michela; she graduated from their private school and has been accepted at a local Christian school for high school.

I’ve always wanted to spend more time with the kids. Thankfully, after searching for the right job, I am now able to work from home. And supported by my husband, we have decided to homeschool 3 of our kids. Maybe, Michela will change her mind, but for now, she does not wish to be homeschooled. I just knew that the structured “sit still and listen” school system was not where Li and Hayden, in particular, belonged. Thankfully, Jared is easy-going and open to homeschool.

This is our homeschooling (and I’ll most likely include other non-homeschooling topics!) journey.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

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