“Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” – so far so good!

I found some homeschool forum that recommended the book “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” by Siegfried Engelmann for teaching your child to read. I checked the book out at the library and have started using it with Li. It seems pretty easy for a parent to follow. The beginning lessons were repetitious and super easy for Li since she knows her ABCs and letter sounds and some sight words. But even though she knows all that, I’m still doing each lesson with her.

We’re not doing any of the writing lessons that come with each lesson, though. From the reviews I’ve read, some moms have also opted not to do the writing, and their child has done extremely well even when not completing all 100 Lessons. We just started doing Handwriting Without Tears a few days ago, which she loves. No tears so far!

Anyway, based on many of the book’s reviews, the overall recommendation is to not do the Lesson if your child is just not ready nor interested. Makes sense so your child doesn’t start to hate the book everytime you take it out. I’m trying really hard not to push Li to complete a lesson if she’s starting to get bored or would rather do something else. And we also haven’t done it every day just because either I’ve been busy with something or she would rather play something on my Kindle or go on sproutonline!

We started Lesson 1 on 5/18/2014 and have averaged a couple of lessons per day. We’re now up to Lesson 52! Just a little over halfway there, and she has definitely improved. I think the book, though, says something about not doing more than a lesson a day? Or maybe I read that in a review. But we don’t follow that especially since the beginning lessons were way too easy for her. I like how this book actually helps with comprehension, too. The book itself is easy to follow, but I don’t always follow the instructions (ie what the parent should say verbatim) and that’s just because Li will see the words on the page and just start reading them so sometimes, we don’t repeat certain words as instructed. Since the book will be due back to the library soon, I ordered a used copy off of abebooks.com, so she loves that she has her own book. Of course, when I take out the book to do some lessons, she still likes to jump around and say stuff like, “Ooohhh!! Why do I have to read??!!” But once she gets into the lessons in the book, she can go super fast! Sometimes, we’ll do things such as rolling a ball back and forth and saying the words on the page, or she’ll just jump around or use a balance board while reading. Try doing that in a typical classroom! She definitely does not like to sit still for long and read. The horror. :p We’ve supplemented by reading other books as well, and I’m definitely satisfied with her progress. I’m thinking I’ll do a video of her reading when we’re close to finishing the book. I wish I had done a video of her reading level when we started a month ago just to compare.

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