“You’re Too Frail!”

It’s funny that no matter how old we get, we still sometimes worry what our parents will think. 🙂

I finally told my (almost 70 yr-old) mom I plan to homeschool 3 of my kids, and she was not happy. Naturally, she has the old school mentality that one has to homeschool 8 hours a day and worries about me teaching the correct curriculum and of course she brought up the “s” word (ie socialization). She worries that because I will also be working from home, that I will either not have time to dedicate to the kids, or that I will be neglecting my job. She’s worried I may get fired because something’s gonna give.
She also thinks I should be “selfish” and just spend the money to have someone else educate the kids. As a mom, she worries about my health and worries I may be “too frail” for this. Her reasoning is because I have some internal tremor condition where my hands will occasionally be shaky. My dad had the shaky hands thing, too, and I guess it doesn’t help that he was just diagnosed with Parkinson’s.
It’s not that she’s 100% against homeschooling. She feels socialization is not that big of a deal if the kids get involved with other activities. When we were in elementary school, there was a family who had enrolled their homeschooled kids, and they were very bright and socially fine. She also doesn’t agree with how the kids’ school wants to hold Li back for maturity.
My mom is just primarily against it for the sake of my health and my career. So I can see why she would worry about me.
But I KNOW homeschooling is something I really want to do. I LOVE spending time with my children even if they do drive me nuts! I KNOW that the standard, structured school system is not where my kids, particularly my two youngest, belong. I KNOW IT. I LOVE that I will get to be home with them and learn with them.
I’m not dumb. I know it’ll be a challenge to both work from home AND homeschool. But I know it can be done. I know there are numerous moms who work at home and also homeschool. And I’m not going to let anyone’s negativity distract me from this life change.

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